Tex Rickard, a well-known boxing promoter and architect, designed and developed the original Boston Garden.  Rickard’s blue prints were modeled after another facility in which he built and operated; Madison Square Garden in New York City.  Originally called the “Boston Madison Square Garden”, Rickard’s Boston facility would eventually be condensed to “Boston Garden”.
Rickard designed the arena specifically for boxing; envisioning seats close enough for fans to see every expression of the fighters.  Once hockey and basketball came onto the scene, the closeness created an intimate and personal atmosphere that became the charm of the “Old Boston Garden”. 
The 1928 construction of the Boston Madison Square Garden led to the official launch of the “Boston Madison Square Garden Club”.  Rickard’s dream was to develop six additional “Gardens” throughout the United States, each having their own private Club like ours.   Tex passed away shortly after the Boston Garden opened in November 1928, and unfortunately his dream never came to fruition. 
The original Boston Garden was demolished in 1997, yet the Garden Club managed to survive its transition to the FleetCenter, which would be renamed to what is now the TD Garden.  Since it was founded, the Garden Club continues to maintain a reputable standing in the Boston Community and remains one of the oldest sports clubs in the city.